Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hi there!
We back from a few days in Madrid visiting my hubby's family. We didn't do much, just relaxing and meeting family and friends and, of course, eating loads!! OMG the food! The Food! There is nothing like food from home! One of the days we went to Toledo, a beautiful medieval city 40 min from Madrid. You see, I'm a girl much more from the country, sea side villages, towns, medieval, cobbled streets...much more then cosmopolitan big fancy cities. So this place, Toledo, was just dreamy! We were making plans and imagining our lives there :)

I would be happy living in a balcony as pretty as that one!

Just Looooove narrow streets!

Very handy if you run out of a sward of misplace your shield!

 Cinderella retire here.

Ahhhhh!...Yes, I would live here!...

More narrow streets

AmaZIng Art-Deco style on the wall on this groceries shop!!

Cobbled streets!!!

Toledo is the city of Don Quijote de la Mancha :)
Lovely isn't it?
Love, Cata ***

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