Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you can't make it, buy it! (and then make with it! :D)

You know what you can do when you hurt your back and the doctor's orders are "lay flat for 20h a day"?.... Well, besides the obvious answer - Go Insane!...... There is also.... Shop online!!! :D Hurray for Paypal!! So this is what I've been investing my sickly-time on....yuMMy!!! Can't wait to have a go at them! The delicious colours! The endless possibilities!! Weeeee!! And for the time being, really enjoying just playing with them! :)

But! They weren't my only web-sin! Oh No Sir! There was more indeed.... In fact, something so delicious that I couldn't resist having a little snip at it.... It's my next project (one of them bunch, course) and here's a little tease! Can you guess what is it going to be??...;)

Aren't the colourful vespas just Divine?? The fabric is this amazing +lovely +soft+ vibrant-colours cotton on one side and waterproof kind of soft oil cloth on the other side! I just love it! I wanna wear it! I want a skirt/dress/top out of it!! :D
As always, my web-splurges are all done on What can I say about it? It's just genius. And serious, serious temptation!! Go have a look a it and let yourself be inspired! You might be my type of girl: Buy first ('cas it's SOOO gorgeous!!!) Figure out what to do with it later :P

                                                                 Lots of Love, Cata********

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm back! :D

 Yes, I'm still around! Wow! It took me a wile, hein? Between moving house and having a sore, sore back injury!.. Phew! I mean, this business of moving houses is no fun, you know what I mean? It might just take a weekend or tree days tops to move all your stuff into the new place, witch seams no big deal, right? And then another...week? or too? to put all your stuff into their news places,again, piece of cake! but then you realize that your head, your mind and spirit need to move house as well!... You wake up and for a split second you don't know where you are... You take the wrong turn on your way home from work to the "old house"... Your routines are all suspended in time and space because somehow they don't seem to fit...You just can't shake that feeling of being "all over the place"! Grrrr!!! Not fun! So, even if in this house I have a room ONLY for me and my sewing machine and my yarns and my buttons (YeY!!!) they were just sitting there for the last month! Because also, 2 weeks ago, I hurt my back! One of those muscular nasty injuries that Oh My are so sore, and then, there is nothing else you can do but lay on your back!! :( But I sarted to feel better by the end of last week and   Yesterday, breakthrough! I finished a bag that was waiting patiently for have her handles fitted :) It looks lovely and I'm so happy I'm starting to feel myself again, slowly getting back to my routines and the little things that bring colour and joy to my days. Thanks for having me back! :D
                                                          Lots of Love, Cata*************