Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you can't make it, buy it! (and then make with it! :D)

You know what you can do when you hurt your back and the doctor's orders are "lay flat for 20h a day"?.... Well, besides the obvious answer - Go Insane!...... There is also.... Shop online!!! :D Hurray for Paypal!! So this is what I've been investing my sickly-time on....yuMMy!!! Can't wait to have a go at them! The delicious colours! The endless possibilities!! Weeeee!! And for the time being, really enjoying just playing with them! :)

But! They weren't my only web-sin! Oh No Sir! There was more indeed.... In fact, something so delicious that I couldn't resist having a little snip at it.... It's my next project (one of them bunch, course) and here's a little tease! Can you guess what is it going to be??...;)

Aren't the colourful vespas just Divine?? The fabric is this amazing +lovely +soft+ vibrant-colours cotton on one side and waterproof kind of soft oil cloth on the other side! I just love it! I wanna wear it! I want a skirt/dress/top out of it!! :D
As always, my web-splurges are all done on What can I say about it? It's just genius. And serious, serious temptation!! Go have a look a it and let yourself be inspired! You might be my type of girl: Buy first ('cas it's SOOO gorgeous!!!) Figure out what to do with it later :P

                                                                 Lots of Love, Cata********

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  1. Good luck with that back of yours! You are so right, Etsy is a gorgeous site. Gerlene