Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yoga bags therapy :)

With my kind of attention span and scattered over-excited mind, I tend to start too many projects together and what happens then is a always growing pile of "one-of-this-days-I-finish-it" projects collecting dust in the corner. That is ok too, I think, After all, we only doing this mainly for ourselves, and always for fun, right?! People that know me know that I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to take too much on board, setting the expectations on myself too high. That can then turn into a source of stress and frustration when I just can't make it all!  With my sewing and other crafts I want to be free of that. "It's only for fun" I say to myself. "Are you having fun? If the answer is no, move away from it now". And so the piles pile on. Who cares? And you know when something is piling on in the corner, It can be that project to finish, or maybe that diet you mean to start 6 months ago, or that book, or that phone call...the more you leave it there, the more you think you should be doing it, the more you feel ALLergic to it!! Ha! Any way, this is the story of my unfinished yoga bags, piling for the last 6 months.
Then last week, I finished them all in one go. Just like that. No drama, no fighting, no anxiety attack. It's a great feeling :D

                                                                       Lots of Love, Cata****