Thursday, January 6, 2011

Soap & Glorify me!

Ok, I really must stop talking about my X.mas presents! It’s getting ridiculous at this stage!
Just another one?...please?...
Ok so, if you insist!
My friend Jenni gave me this aMAzing gift set from Soap&Glory full of yummy-delicious beauty stuff!

Isn’t the packaging unreal? Very retro-cool, all 50’s inspired! Just look at this gem!
Pure coolness!!

And also very clever-funny! My favorite tub is this skin scrub cream

Oh Yah! I'm guilty of Reptilian legs myself! Special now in the winter?? Big time!!
  The way "a lady's legs should never be"? Ups!...
You know what I say to that?

That's right baby!!

With it also came this gorgeous bag. (Yay! Bags!) 

And the all pack came inside this box, and you see, I'm getting at the real thing now!...Wait for it!....
 Thanks Jenni for the gorgeous scrubby-yummy stuff IN the box, but what really made it for me and made me go all hyper-giddy-excited was THE Box itself! Because, you see, I just love things that give you the possibility of transform, re-cycle, re-vamp and make them that bit more special and unique! 

The idea was to cover the box's lid with crochet and make it more funky-colourful! Ahhhh I can already dream with all the yarns I'm going to store in my new box...Hummm!...Must get more yarns! Perfect excuse! Love it!

Soooooo?! What do you think of the colours? It took me quite a wile to decide on the green. I also liked baby blue or yellow instead but in the end it was green and I quite like it! The pattern I found in this Book

 My good reliable friend for all type of "squares" and in this case I wanted a denser square, one with less holes that would cover more of the lid's pictures. I also looked for a square that would be made from the centre to the margins as oppose to side to side. The squares in the book are all a certain size and I needed to be able to keep going around until I had the size I needed, my own lid's size. (Does this makes any sense to you, sorry?) I made some pics as I went along but I'm not sure if I can make up a tutorial from something from a book...Hum...must check it out first. Maybe you can pick it up from the pictures?

When my square was the same size of the top of the cover, i needed to keep going in a way that my square would fold in with the lid, making the sides of it. So in each corner I did [2tr] only, without the 3ch between them ( [2tr] instead of [2tr,3ch,2tr]) and also i decreased 4 evenly in each side of the square. I kept going like that until I was happy with the length of it.

At the end I did a edging in red just to tidy the cover up and add that extra bit of colour. I adore edgings! I always try to include some! I'm pretty sure I didn't invent this edging and I apologise If you are the inventor of it and you reading this, but this is the edging I came up with for my crochet lid-cover:

                     ss,sc,hdc,[dc,tr,dc],hdc,sc,ss,sc,hdc,[dc,tr,dc],hdc,sc,ss.... [ ] = in the same stitch


Voila'! What do you think? It looks a bit wobbly because it isn't blocked yet! I will be doing that soon and only then I'll show you the box with it's new lid on,ok? Let me know what you think of it!

Lots of Love, Cata.

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  1. Hi Cata

    Isn't this Soap and Glory set great. I have one too and I am using the bag and the box for crochet projects.

    I'm undertaking my first ever embroudery project to make a cover for the box lid!!! If it doesn't work I may take inspriation from your granny square cover. Its really lovely

    I've not blogged about embroidery yet but will when I get a bit further.

    You have a lovely site - I found it on iCrochet!

    Bye for now Fiona xx