Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finished Box! :)

And here it is! The Box with its re-vamped Lid! What do you think?? Liking it? ;)

I love the pattern. So easy and a bit more sturdy than a regular granny square.

The flower I found it! On the ground, in the middle of the street! I know!!! The handmade fairies put it on my path! It could not be more perfect!! (If you are the one who lost it, I'll give it back I promise!)

Ideal for storing my yarns :)

Lots of Love, cata*************


  1. This is great! What a brilliant idea.

  2. I love this, I am totally going to have to make one, I am looking for guest bloggers and would love for you to be one, please stop by my blog and check it out, you can contact me at I am now following you.

  3. Where do you find your boxes? I love these!!