Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Small & Cute!

After my Crochet-Lid I was lefts with a few yarn-bits, not good for much...unless!....I find something really small I could do with them! Yey! I love small projects. Usually small means easy (I'm all for that!) but also quick satisfaction! You can start something now and in a couple of hours it will be done and ready to give away and make someone smile! (I'm all for that too!)

Sooooo this is what I've hooked up last night!

Ta-Dah!!! Four little cuties with just bits and scraps of yarn ;)

My friend came over for tea and suggested I made her new phone a little bed. And that's how this all thing started. I just made up the pattern for this. Easy peasy really!
Note the gorgeouse pink phone? Course!

This sweet little house is a key ring (see the loop for the "ring" part on the left upper corner?) with the bonus that you can put the keys InsiDe the sweet house and keep them warm! Clever hein?
It will be a presie for my friend Maria as she just moved into her new house with her hubby!

Both the Frog and the Piggy are for coins or whatever else you can fit into them, really! Surprise me!! (I'm already up to something with these ones! Stay tuned!...hehe!...)

The last 3 designs were inspired in this Book sold by pomadour24 Craft Cafe. Pomadour is a book shop in Etsy and I'm obsessed with them! Their books are just unreal pretty and full of scrumptious pictures+colours+ inspiring ideas! I want them All!!

The only draw back is...minor-little-insignificant draw back if you ask me....You see, when you get the book, and all is Oh-So-Pretty, and straight away you set hands and hooks to work....only to realize...(till them you had turned a blind eye to that minor-minor fact!) that the book and all the patterns are actually in Japanese!!

Oh, I do mean Japanese language, literally! Not like "I-don't-get-it" Japanese!

 Like this Japanese!! Ha!

But don't let it spoil it for you! The patterns are surprisingly easy to follow because it's universal crochet symbols and there is picture-subtitles for the symbols! Genius!
You just need to be willing to do a bit of improvising when u get to a "What-The-Hell??" moment, and all will be fine! ;)

What do you think?? Would you like to see a tutorial for any of these? Let me know, I can't wait for my first crochet tutorial!!

Lots of Love, cata***********


  1. yes please! They are all gorgeous, I love them to bits! My mum is pig mad and my friend is frog mad (and I'm bunny mad if there's one of those!) and I'd love to make these as presents. I'm a beginner crocheter and can't follow the symbols so I'd appreciate a tute. Pretty please!

  2. I love the house! You have very good ideas

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I am in LOVE with your sweet little blog and the adorable little pouches you have made! Especially the one of the house for your keys, what a very clever idea! I will have to make one right away.