Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today I'm in Love with: Ireland ;)

Whenever we go to Portugal or Spain for a visit, and mention to people we meet that we live in Ireland, every single person will say the same: "but it rains all the time in Ireland!" Fair enough that is the idea people from the sunny south of Europe have of Ireland but what baffles me is that even Irish people themselves have that idea! " you from Portugal and you trade it for rainy Ireland?" Ok, it does rain in Ireland more than in the south of Europe, but what about the incredible sunny, clear blue skies we also have? I love them soooo much! Much more than the same sunny skies at home! Because here we have The Beaches! Oh yah, the beaches in Ireland are something else! Huge stretches of clean sand, clear waters and, best of all, no people!!! Yes, all Irish people are at home complaining about the weather and forgot to look out! Ha!

Today I spend my morning on the Beach and I'm in love with Ireland :)

Lots of Love, cata******

1 comment:

  1. Sunny days in Ireland are rare that´s why they are so wonderful!!!
    I like your photos.