Monday, February 7, 2011


Rain, Rain, Rain and more Rain!! And wind too! So no pictures and my Internet connection keeps failing so I can't upload my tutorial video! Grrrr!! I hope that's the problem and I'm able to do it once the weather improves!OR!....Grrrrr!! Anyone knows anything about uploading videos on youtube or blogspot? Yes! it's less them 15 min! Yes! it's smaller then 2G! What's it's problem like?? Grrrrr! And then the couch is broken and went to be fixed and the garden chair I was using in it's place ripped and I fell trough! Grrrrr!! And then it's Sunday and I had to work! Grrrrr and more Grrrrr!! Sorry now about all this ranting....that's the thing about cata, you see....dwelling on it...a bit of a drama queen really!.... Do you ever get like that? But then, in moments like this, it comes handy having someone around with a more "cool-out" way of thinking and in my house that's A's job: "Don't feed the monster" he tells me. Isn't that so clever? So, a wile ago, I made this little monster as a presents for him and a reminder to myself: Let it go girl, let it go!
I might have a video tutorial for you, I mightn't. End of.

PS: Today is Monday (yes, this post was delayed because of internet connection VS bad weather!) and the Sun is out! Yey! The video uploading business is still mocking me but what can we do? We can only try hard and then let it go, knowing we did our best.
Note how the little monster has a leg longer then the other? It always makes me laugh imagining him going around with his wonky walk! :)
Lots of Love, cata****************


  1. Hi cata, love the little monster, LOL! There are days when I feel this way too. Perhaps I need to make one of these for me :-)

  2. Brillant-you are so good at describing these kind of days...oh boy do I have them...I think I would have o have a million monsters cause each time I would see it I would want to burn it before doing something about the emotions-heehee