Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Tutorial :)

As a Easter treat for all my blog-friends, I put together the soap-cozy tutorial (improved recipe!). Why not?! Soap, eggs, bunnies, chocolate, chicks, all random sweet little things, all very "Eastery" :) Besides, spring is officially here and I think this small project is indeed very Spring appropriate! So here it is! Happy hooky-Spring-Easter-time!!

 Work 8ch and join with slst forming a ring. 6ch (counts as 1dc,3ch)

[1dc,3ch] 7times. Join with slst into 3rd of 3ch. You should have 8 dc each separated by 3ch.

Change colours. (If you fancy). Join new colour to any 3ch space. Follow the picture instructions. Repeat in all 3ch spaces until you make 8 petals. At the end do not join.

8 petals!!

Without joining the last petal, 5ch.

Very important step now! You'll be working on the reverse of your flower! Follow the pictures.

See? You building the foundations where your second row of petals will go. Clever!

This is a view of the reverse of your flower. You should have 8 5ch loops!
Now we start work on your 1st 5ch loop do make the 1st of 8 petals. Follow the picture.

8 petals on the 2nd row of petals? perfect!
Now, do not join and 7ch.

Just like before, work 8 loops, behind each petal, this time of 7ch each loop.

Work your 3rd row of petals. Follow the pictures.

Ta-DAHHH!! Lovely flower!! Now start all over again and make another one! (yep, I'm serious!)

OR, just play around with your masterpiece! Find it new purposes ;)

I made two (Lola didn't really like the new hat...)

Now just have to figure out how I'm crocheting them together around a soap!.....hum...

But before, I'm going to play a bit more with my flowers :)
See how they match the flower arrangements I have in the house?

Ok, back to work now!
What I did was a row of sc all around the back of each flower, and on top of it a row of dc. Like this:

Then a row of slst joining the two flowers, with my lovely-smelling soap in the middle :)
Happy-happy spring teamed Crochet!!

And now back to more playing! Weeeeee!! I love matching my buttons with my projects!

Lots of Love, Cata****