Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fancy soap!

The weather is getting nicer and with it its getting harder to stay in doors! With that, hooky time, sewing time, baking time, making the bed time, hoovering all suffers!

Still, I've managed to do a few little projects that I would like to share with you. This flower I used before for a square. I love it and wanted to use it in something else so I've come up with this: a soap cozy!! (WhAt?!) Wait! Let me explain, its not that crazy of a idea! You see, the soap is not for bathing/showering!! Not for getting near water at all! It's a lovely-smell kind of soap and its for putting in your drawers! (Haaaa! Uff!...) I wish they would invent a way of posting smells! This soap smells yummy-licious!!
I did the flower as before and then just used a simple "trebles-all-around" for the back of the soap. Than I thought "next time I do another flower on the back. Next time."

This is how the back looks like.

Ok, I'll make sure to keep it facing up inside my drawer!

Hope you like it! :)

Lots of Love, Cata*******


  1. Hi Cata, I absolutely love these, what a great idea! I have some pretty wrapped soaps like these that I like to keep in my drawers too. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you don't mind if I try something similar :-) Have a good day, Josie

  2. That's super cute and a great idea!! I usually just leave the soaps wrapped in the paper they came in. LOL

  3. :D I'd be more than delighted if you'd make something like this with your soaps! It makes a nice little present that everybody will like! Send back some photos of your own soap-art ;)

  4. I love this idea! Very clever! This is a brilliant idea for a gift.

  5. what a great idea great gift idea